• USMBOK added to IBP

    USMBOK™ NewsFlash!

    “The USMBOK series of publications is a welcome addition to the International Best Practice (IBP) site, extending the guidance and further helping to widen thinking by introducing an outside-in, customer centric perspective”, Ian Fik, TSO Account Manager.

  • Universal Service Management

    Universal Service Management

    A universal service management body of knowledge (USMBOK™) describing concepts and methods for use by any service business to manage the customer service experience.

  • USMBOK added to IBP


    “An amazing achievement. Ian has codified and documented a BoK for service management that is clear, practical and that provides a genuine 'how to' starting point for service management professionals. If I had a hat, I would take it off to him”, Brian Johnson, ITIL® Author and Contributor.

  • Outside-In Thinking

    Enable: Outside-In

    A program of workshops designed to help explain and demonstrate how to apply outside-in, customer centric thinking to a service business to manage the service experience.

  • USMBOK added to IBP

    Rosetta Stone!

    “The definitive text on service management written in plain English, a "Rosetta Stone" to interpret many other publicly available references and frameworks. If I only could have ONE book on Service Management - this would be the one!”, Kenneth Gonzalez, Managing Partner, Engaged Consulting Inc.

  • Service Management Community

    Service Management Community

    A community site where you can connect with your professional peers and discuss concepts, issues, and seek answers to key questions about service management.

  • USMBOK added to IBP


    “The USMBOK is a tremendous body of knowledge that captures the essence of service management, its true customer centricity, and provides vital specifications for both a service system and organization. A must have companion to Lean IT”, Mike Orzen, Coauthor Lean IT (Shingo Prize Winner).

  • Best Practice Library

    Best Practice Library

    A subscription service providing access to a library of over 5,000 best practice statements to help define service management practices, policies and procedures.

  • USMBOK added to IBP

    Far Superior!

    “The USMBOK is far superior (and actually more concise). I highly recommend Clayton's USMBOK book! If you follow his guidance, you WILL deliver results that help your customers and will actually understand you DO have customers and will actually understand their needs! BUY THIS BOOK!”, Glenn O’Donnell, Senior Analysts, Forrester Research.

  • Service Management University

    Service Management University

    A comprehensive program of e-learning and classroom education for service management professionals.

  • USMBOK added to IBP

    Definitive Source!

    “More comprehensive, more current and universally applicable, and just plain easier to understand and use than any other IT Service Management reference. ITSMPa strongly recommends the USMBOK to its members as the definitive source for service management”, Mark Storace, Founder and CEO of IT Service Management Professional Association.

  • Demo Image

    Lean for Services

    A program of workshops designed to help explain and demonstrate how lean thinking can be applied to a service business and service management framework

  • USMBOK added to IBP

    On Every Desk!

    “The USMBOK should be on every desk. It is well organized and easy to follow. Recommend anyone at any level entering the service management journey get this BOK. We have used it with almost all of our service management tasks, our vision, goals, and approach.”, Ron Lester, Office of the Chief Information Office, USDA.

  • Demo Image

    Service Experience Design

    A workshop program designed to help explain and demonstrate how to design, map, inspect and improve a consumer's experience of using services and interacting with the service business.

  • USMBOK added to IBP


    “The USMBOK is about as complete as anything ever will be. The USMBOK is powerful in that it is well organized, consistent, comprehensive, and not IT specific.”, Rob England, Two Hills Ltd, the 'IT Skeptic'.

  • Enable ISO20K

    Enable: ISO20K

    A specialized program of consulting and education designed to help individuals gain the specialist credential in this standard, and organizations prepare for the certification audit.


The universal service management body of knowledge (USMBOK) publications

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Onsite Consulting Programs

Workshop programs to help your organization successfully apply outside-in and universal service management thinking.

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Public Education Schedule

'Gold Standard' education blending real world experience with theory to simplify application and accelerate benefit.

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  • Service Management Community

    Connect with your Community

    Exchange opinions, views, and interact with your professional community on the subjects of universal service management, lean and outside-in thinking.

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  • Ask a Question

    Ask and Answer Questions

    Ask a question, comment and respond to questions, answer questions and earn respect and reward points.

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  • My Blogs

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    Visit my blogs on a number of topics spanning universal service management, lean, outside-in thinking, popular frameworks, and international standards.

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    Best Practice Library

    The USMBOK best practice library provides subscription-based access to over 5,000 statements on all aspects of service management, from the elements of a service management system, to guidance on how to prioritize an incident.

    Visit the Best Practice Library
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    Enable Programs

    The enable programs provide workshop driven instruction and simulation based demonstrations of how to apply outside-in and lean thinking to service management programs, and how to design, establish, and continuously improve the operations of a service provider organization.

    Read more information on the programs
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    Service Management University

    The online e-learning and public schedule of education offered by the University are the 'Gold Standard' for service management, focused on providing the very best career enhancing experience, and great value for an investment in time and money.

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Understand how to apply universal service management concepts and methods to pursue operational and service excellence within a service business, or an IT organization performance managed as a service provider.

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Become one of the first IT professionals to be certified as capable of interpreting the new ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011 standard, determine its requirements, and help prepare an organization for a successful certification audit.


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